Dublin Car Tek Frequently Asked Questions

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6008 Dougherty Road
Dublin, CA 94568
Tim Johnson is owner of Dublin Car Tek.
Q: Do my repairs come with a warranty?
A: "Almost all our repairs come with some sort of warranty. Before we start working, we’ll explain the specific warranty coverage for every repair and part we offer. "
Q: Can you explain all my options when it comes to repairs?
A: "Absolutely. We’ll use our expertise to determine what’s wrong with your car, clearly explain your options and lay out a comprehensive plan to follow. Once we’ve come up with the initial plan, we can repair any safety issues that need to be immediately addressed and present a maintenance plan to return the car to normal. "
Q: Can you repair any type of vehicle?
A: "Pretty much, but we’re always upfront with customers if we don’t have the necessary equipment to fix their cars. Most new cars have computers that control their ignitions, lights, electric windows and other functions, and we have the diagnostic and repair tools to handle all of that. "
Q: Do I have to go to the dealership for my repairs?
A: "Not for normal services. If it’s a repair that’s covered for free under the original warranty, then you have to take it to the dealer, but you can go to any shop for oil changes and other out-of-pocket repairs. "
Q: Should I follow my vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedule?
A: "The manufacturer’s service schedule can help you decide when to get your car serviced, but a reputable auto repair shop will be able to guide you, too. Some manufacturers seem to use low maintenance requirements as selling points, but that can put cars at risk for damage. If you don’t want to blindly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, we can look at your car and suggest a maintenance schedule. "