Construction Services Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is my construction project going to cost?
A: "I can’t quote a guaranteed price until I have the plans, engineering and specifications together, but I can give you a general number for budgetary purposes at the outset of the project. If you want a more accurate idea of the cost early in the process, I can take the preliminary plans and conceptual drawings and actually bid the job. "
Q: How long will it take to complete my project?
A: "My subcontractors and I give guaranteed schedules and timelines for completion after the plans are finalized and we bid the job. "
Q: How soon can you start?
A: "We can start working as soon as we have the building permits. One of the benefits of working with a large crew of subcontractors is we can usually start the job immediately. "
Q: Can you work on my project during the winter?
A: "If you have a single-story house, we can do pretty much any job year-round. The only time weather becomes an issue is if the job is a second-story addition and we have to remove parts of the roof. But even then, I can coordinate things to minimize the effects of the weather, like having tarps and equipment that reduce exposure to the elements. "
Q: Can I live in my house during the project?
A: "In most cases, you’ll be able to continue living in your home while the work is being done. Even if we’re adding a room to your home, it’s rarely an issue because we have to do a lot of work to the outside of the house before moving inside. By the time we lay the foundation and do the rough plumbing, framing, roofing and windows for the new room, it only takes a short amount of time to integrate it with the rest of the house. "
Q: Can you work with my architect?
A: "Yes. If your architect can draw a design that meets building codes and the City approves it, I can absolutely build it. "