Collier Warehouse, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

(415) 920-9720
90 Dorman Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124
Q: Do you install the products you sell?
A: "We install about half of the products we sell, including windows. We also sell products directly to contractors who perform installations. "
Q: Can you help me determine which types of windows are best for my situation?
A: "Absolutely. Once we learn what you want to accomplish, we’ll help you find window products that meet your budget and design preferences. "
Q: When will you deliver my new windows and doors?
A: "Delivery time can be anywhere from two to 20 weeks, depending on the product. We custom-order every item to fit the specific needs of our customers, so it takes longer to get windows and doors because we don’t keep those types of products in stock. "
Q: Who will take the measurements for my new windows and doors?
A: "If you choose us to install the products, our installer will come to your home and take the measurements. If a contractor is installing our products, they’ll provide us with the measurements for manufacturing. Every installer has a different method when it comes to installing windows and doors, so the measurements need to be accurate to ensure a quality installation. "
Q: Do you have a showroom?
A: "Yes, our San Francisco showroom features full-size displays that allow you to touch, operate and work with different products so you can make sure you’re getting what you want before you place an order. "
Q: What is low-E glass?
A: "Low-E stands for ‘low emissivity’—essentially, it’s a coating that goes on a window to keep heat in and cold out during the winter. Depending on the low-E coating you choose, you can even control heat gain when the sun shines on the windows. "