CJ's Mechanical Services Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge for a service call?
A: "My service calls are determined by location. For locations in Santa Rosa, there’s a flat diagnostic charge of $59, and locations outside of Santa Rosa range from $69 to $79, depending on the distance. "
Q: How soon can you start my job?
A: "It depends on my previously scheduled appointments and what works best for your schedule, but I can usually get to most jobs very quickly. I understand that most homeowners work during the day, so I work around my customers’ schedules and keep my hours flexible. I’m even available for evening and weekend appointments. "
Q: What’s your usual order of service?
A: "First, I’ll come to your location and provide a diagnosis. If you want to move forward with repairs, I’ll order all the necessary parts. I carry some common parts in my truck and might be able to fix certain problems right away, but due to the variety of appliances and parts, it’s impossible to have everything in stock for all brands and models. Once I have the parts I need, I’ll fix your appliance. "
Q: Who will perform the actual work?
A: "As the sole proprietor, I provide all estimates and services. You’ll talk with me when you make the initial call, and I’ll be onsite doing all the work. "
Q: Do you offer preventative maintenance plans for appliances and HVAC systems?
A: "Yes. Preventative maintenance can keep your appliances and HVAC systems in good running condition and help them last longer. Call me for more information and to set up a maintenance agreement. "
Q: How long will my refrigerator last before it needs to be replaced?
A: "If you properly maintain your refrigerator and clean its condenser coils on a regular basis, it should last 20 to 25 years. "