Christopher Wells Construction, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

(415) 347-6907
100 North Hill Drive, Suite 20
Brisbane, CA 94005
Owner Christopher Wells
Q: Do you provide written project schedules?
A: "Yes, depending on the project. Some projects are straightforward and don’t require a lot of paper plans; more complex projects do. Regardless, we’ll be in constant contact so you know the status of your project and its work schedule."
Q: Do you maintain a clean worksite?
A: "Yes. We pay extra attention to cleanliness. We put up temporary protection to contain dust in the work area and bring a portable toilet to the site so we don’t disturb you by using your bathrooms."
Q: Do you use subcontractors?
A: "We use some subcontractors for specialized, non-carpentry work. But we use the same subcontractors all the time, and we have good working relationships with them. In effect, we’re one crew."
Q: Are you insured?
A: "Yes. We carry both liability and workers’ compensation insurance."