Chasov Electrical, Voice & Data Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How expensive is electrical work?
A: "It can be expensive, but it’s definitely beneficial to invest in a good electrical system. We’ll lay out the pros and cons of upgrading your electrical system in terms of safety, feasibility and cost. An electrical remodel can add as much value to your home as a kitchen remodel—you just have to make sure you’re spending money on the right items."
Q: Will you help me choose the right lighting for my home?
A: "We can guide you through this process or refer you to a professional lighting designer. We’ll start by asking what kind of lighting you’re looking for—many customers are surprised that so many lights exist! Then we’ll help you make a decision based on your answers."
Q: Is it possible to switch my two-prong outlets to three-prong outlets?
A: "Very few appliances require three-prong outlets, so you only need to upgrade the ones that require grounding, such as computers and anything with a motor. In most cases, we need to rewire the outlet in order to ground it, so we usually advise only doing the minimum number of outlets required."
Q: Do I need electrical plans for my project?
A: "Electrical plans are only required for large installations. You can consult a district electrical inspector or supervisor to determine if your project is large enough to require plans."
Q: What exactly does a service call entail?
A: "A service call is when a qualified specialist comes to your house to perform a small electrical job. Some examples are restoring lost power, installing a light fixture, running telephone line and repairing a doorbell."
Q: Do you need advance notice to perform an electrical inspection?
A: "Yes, we ask our clients to provide sufficient advance notice for critical inspections. Our goal is to provide inspection services within 48 hours, but that isn’t always possible."