Century Cabinets Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I’d like to reface, but I’m worried it won’t look good. How can I be sure I’ll be satisfied?
A: "Refacing uses many of the same high-quality materials as our new custom kitchens, including Euro-style hinges and crown moldings. It offers many options: design modifications, adding more cabinets, modifying existing cabinets, new appliance applications such as "roll-outs," and so on. You never see any of your old cabinetry from the outside. Your refaced cabinets will look and function like new."
Q: But at some point won’t the veneer start to peel?
A: "That never happens. Our methods are very sound—once our refacing is complete, all the veneers become part of the cabinet, so there’s no risk of any delamination or separation."
Q: How do you handle payment?
A: "Usually it’s 10 percent down, with the balance paid upon completion. We do that for a specific reason: The last thing you want is to pay 50 or 100 percent upfront and then be concerned and worried while the entire project is taking place. This payment method puts customers at ease. With only 10 percent down, they know we have a huge incentive to satisfy their needs and come up with a good product."
Q: What should I expect while the project is underway?
A: ": We completely go over what to expect in terms of coordinating the tear-out, cabinetry, countertops, re-plumbing, appliances, lighting, dry wall repair—everything. We go over it all, from start to completion, so you’ll have a very good sense of the project’s outline and what’s going to take place. It’s really about communication. If the customer feels like they’re being left out of the loop, that’s an uneasy feeling for them."
Q: Are you good about cleanup?
A: "Yes. We always use drop cloths on the floors and clean up every day."
Q: Is it OK to leave your crew alone in my house?
A: "Absolutely! We’ve never had even one negative issue in this area. And, of course, we’re fully insured and bonded. I never hire anyone to my crew who I don’t totally trust. I have to know they’re solid, not just with their skills but also with their ethics."