Bayhill Heat & Air Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you qualified to do the HVAC work I need?
A: "Absolutely. We can provide you with information that shows we’re skilled and experienced with all types of HVAC installations and repairs. "
Q: What kind of equipment do you install?
A: "We install Carrier equipment that’s American-made and purchased directly from the dealer. "
Q: Do you offer any warranties?
A: "We offer five-year warranties on installations, materials and labor, and we provide a one-year warranty for minor repair jobs. Manufacturers’ warranties also apply on most products, and if you ever have any issues or problems, we’ll come back and take care of them for free. "
Q: Should the air flow in all my registers be the same?
A: "It should be very similar, but sometimes it’s hard for older systems to maintain an equal flow. If you notice a sudden change in your system’s air flow, call us and we’ll come inspect it. "
Q: Is it safe to close the air vents in rooms that I don’t use often?
A: "No. You should never close vents because that could create back-pressure and overheat your HVAC system. If your house is big and you want to close some vents, we can make changes that enable you to control the air flow without overheating the system. "
Q: Does it really matter which type of filters I use in my furnace?
A: "Yes, you have to be careful about the filters you use. Sometimes, high-efficiency filters that you install yourself can actually create problems with your system—if they’re too tight, for example, the furnace may not get enough air. "