Bay Area Drainage, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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A recent residential project by Bay Area Drainage
Q: How will I benefit from eliminating the moisture that’s underneath my home?
A: "By installing a French drain, the negative effects of moisture are eliminated. These include—but aren’t limited to—mold, mildew, damaged floors and conditions in which termites can thrive. When it’s dry, your house feels more comfortable—it’s warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer."
Q: Is mold something to be concerned about?
A: "Absolutely. When damp conditions under a home aren’t resolved, mold can develop in the floors and spread into the walls and elsewhere. This can adversely affect air quality and lead to health problems."
Q: Can you install a drainage system without damaging our shrubs and other plants?
A: "Yes. We proceed in small increments so we can carefully remove plants when necessary and put them back at the end of the day. With larger plants, we tunnel under them whenever possible so we don’t harm their root systems. We do our best to minimize the impact on your landscaping."
Q: What kind of shape will the overall yard be in after you leave?
A: "Again, we try not to damage any plants. We excavate carefully around all existing hardscape features, so we guarantee you’ll be completely happy with the site after we’re finished. But if any repairs are needed, we’ll gladly come out and do them. We like to follow up with our customers to make sure everything is working properly."
Q: What about a timeline?
A: "We stick to our timelines. Once we start a project, we’re there every day until it’s done. We don’t lose crew members to another job. We won’t move on to the next project until yours is finished. That’s our commitment to our customers."
Q: Do you do other work besides installing drainage systems?
A: "Yes. We act as a general contractor with crews who can do pavers and concrete work. But our absolute specialty is drainage problems and solutions."
Q: Do you do free consultations?
A: "Yes, and we think you’ll be pleased with our pricing should you decide to hire us."
Q: Do you ever offer specials?
A: "Yes. One example might be free demolition of walkways during a certain season. We’ll often send out flyers announcing such specials."
Q: Is your work guaranteed?
A: "Yes. We guarantee our drainage systems will keep your home dry. If a customer ever notices standing water, we’ll come out and add extra drains (if needed) at no additional cost. As previously mentioned, we make it a point to check back with our customers to make sure everything is working to their satisfaction."