Barnum Building & Design Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my remodeling project take to complete?
A: "It depends on the extent of the work, but we’ll give you a specific timeline before any work begins so you can plan accordingly. "
Q: Can you tell me how much my project will cost before you start working?
A: "We can give you an idea of how certain design aspects will impact pricing if you need to adhere to a budget. Labor and materials are more finite, so we can give you a median range so you know the cost possibilities. "
Q: Do I need to move out while you’re remodeling my home?
A: "It depends on the type of job we’re doing. If your remodel is in a separate part of the house that you don’t need on a day-to-day basis, you can stay. We’ll do what we can to keep you as comfortable as possible, but the work might be noisy. "
Q: Will you work on my house every day once you start?
A: "We try to work as quickly and consecutively as possible, but sometimes there are scheduling issues with building inspectors. For example, once we reach a certain point in your job, we might have to stop work and wait for the electrical inspector to come and sign off. We try to schedule inspections a couple days before we’re finished so there isn’t much lag time. "
Q: Can you help me deal with code violations?
A: "Yes. We’ll work with your city’s building department to bring any permit issues to a close. We understand how disruptive those issues can be, so we focus on mediating and bringing them to a close as quickly as possible. When the building department sees that a licensed professional is on the job, they’ll understand you’re serious about taking care of the problem. "