Balla Construction & Design Frequently Asked Questions

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Peter Balla is owner of Balla Construction & Design.
Q: Can we live in our home during the project?
A: "It depends on the project, but you can often stay in your home during construction."
Q: I like your proposal, but can you make it less expensive?
A: "We’ll always try to give you choices. Reducing cost is often a case of choosing a different brand or style of fixtures and materials. We can work with you to make the project fit your budget."
Q: Do you do planning and architectural design?
A: "We can provide architectural design and drawings for smaller projects, like additions and remodels. With the help of our long-term partners, we can take on major projects such as story additions and new homes. With any project, we can assist you in the planning phase and make sure you stay within your budget."
Q: What kind of bathroom remodeling services do you offer?
A: "We do mid-range to high-end bathroom remodeling. We give you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of tubs, showers, vanities and vanity tops from domestic and foreign manufacturers. We can also assist you in selecting the perfect tiles for your bathroom."
Q: What kind of kitchen remodeling services do you offer?
A: "We can help you bring atmosphere, style and a practical setup to your kitchen. We’ll assist you in every step of the remodeling process, including choosing the best appliances, fixtures and countertops. Our partners can provide custom or brand name cabinets according to your needs. Custom veneers or exotic wood surfaces are also available."