Auto Techies Frequently Asked Questions

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Snehal Shah is owner of Auto Techies.
Q: How much will it cost to get my car repaired?
A: "It depends on the repair that needs to be done. We’ll check your car initially for the problem. That will give us the information we need in order to tell you what the repair will cost."
Q: How long will it take to repair my car?
A: "Once we’ve looked at your car and determined what’s wrong, we’ll be able to provide an expected completion time."
Q: Is it worthwhile to repair my car?
A: "Customers often ask us if they should sell their cars or keep and repair them, but it really depends on the problem. In these situations, we’ll sit down and do a cost analysis with the customer. We’ll go through the car’s historical data if it’s available, and we’ll see how much they’ve spent over the last several years and compare that to the cost of a replacement car. This type of analysis really helps our customers decide what will make the most sense for their situations."
Q: Can you repair my “check engine” light?
A: "We perform diagnostics, so we can determine why your ‘check engine’ light is on. The light indicates that something non-critical is failing inside the car—you won’t get stranded because of the problem, but it still needs to be addressed. Plus, the State of California has mandated that any time a car’s ‘check engine’ light is on, it can’t pass a smog test."
Q: Do you offer a shuttle service?
A: "Yes, we offer free pick-up and drop-off from your home, work or nearby BART stations."
Q: Do you honor warranties or work with insurance companies?
A: "We honor most extended warranties and bill directly to insurance companies whenever possible."