Atlas Landscapes Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Besides gardens and stone walls, what other services do you provide?
A: "We build patios, decks, retaining walls, fences, arbors, gates, gazebos—to name a few. We also install French doors, sprinkler systems, hot tubs and low-voltage lighting. If you’re having structural or foundation problems with your house, we can help with that, too."
Q: Does your work add equity to a home?
A: "Absolutely. A beautiful outdoor environment can greatly increase the value of a home."
Q: Do you ever encounter landscaping problems that are just too difficult to solve?
A: "There’s no such thing as an impossible job. Our team of experts will always find a way to make a yard beautiful. We welcome challenges such as slopes or areas where access is tight, because we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done."
Q: Can you fix an established garden that looks like a total wasteland?
A: "Yes. We pride ourselves in our creative renovations."
Q: What about drainage? How important is that?
A: "Very important. Improper drainage can cause a multitude of problems. Resolving any drainage issues is one of the first steps in the construction process."
Q: What if I’m not quite sure what I want? Can you help me decide?
A: "Absolutely. We work with a team of award-winning designers and architects who will begin by asking how you plan to use the space, and then take it from there."
Q: Do you provide free consultations?
A: "Yes."
Q: Are you licensed?
A: "Atlas Landscapes is licensed, bonded and insured."