Aren Electric Co., Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you come out on the day that I call?
A: "It depends on our schedule, but sometimes we can come out the same day. "
Q: What’s your approach to quality control?
A: "Our approach to quality control is linked to the pride we take in our work. We make sure all our work is performed to the standards we would want in our own homes. We’re very thorough, and we always investigate each situation before we install a new outlet or breaker to ensure everything is safe and supported. "
Q: I have a lot of electronic devices but not many outlets, so I use a lot of extension cords and power strips. Is this safe?
A: "Not really. Using a lot of extension cords adds to the power load borne by your circuit, which can lead to overheating and cause the breakers to trip. In this case, we’d recommend adding some additional outlets to your home. "
Q: It looks like rats have chewed off some of the insulation on my wiring. Can I wrap the wiring with electrical tape?
A: "It depends on the extent of the damage. If it’s just a small area on the wire, electrical tape should be an adequate remedy. However, if the damage is more extensive, you should call us to replace the wire. A severely damaged or exposed electric wire is a major safety hazard—if you touch it, you could get electrocuted. "
Q: Do I have to be home when you’re conducting a safety inspection?
A: "Not unless you want to hear what the inspector has to say during the process. "