ArborWorks, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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An ArborWorks technician works to remove a tree from a customer’s property.
Q: Why should I hire an arborist?
A: "Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns in property value and aesthetics. Trees take decades to grow, so long-term care is essential to keep them healthy. Poorly maintained trees can become liabilities."
Q: When does my tree need pruning? Can I do it myself?
A: "We can help you determine when your tree needs pruning. It takes a knowledgeable arborist to determine when and how to prune in order to best maintain an individual tree’s health and improve its appearance and safety. If the pruning can be done while standing on the ground, you can probably do it yourself. But if it requires a ladder, you should hire a trained professional who can prune the tree safely with the proper equipment."
Q: Do you remove trees?
A: "Yes, but only as a last resort."
Q: Do you provide emergency service?
A: "Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency service in case of storms or other sudden, major damage."
Q: Can you help me plant trees?
A: "Yes. We can recommend the appropriate trees for your location and tell you where to plant them. We can also assist with planting to ensure the trees get a healthy start."