All N One Pest Eliminators Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you treat the inside or the outside of my home?
A: "It depends on the nature of the infestation, but whenever possible, we prefer to treat the exterior of the home. By reducing the population of pests outside, we can reduce the chances of them entering your home and causing problems.  "
Q: Will the treatment harm the plants around my home?
A: "No. Even after direct contact, the product we apply won’t harm the soil, plants or lawn. "
Q: Will the treatment last forever?
A: "No. The treatment acts like a barrier surrounding your home, but the chemicals disappear over time. That’s why we have to come back periodically to reapply it. "
Q: What kinds of rodents and wildlife do you deal with?
A: "We remove bats, gophers, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, rats and pigeons. "
Q: How effective are electrical pest control systems?
A: "Ultrasonic devices have been tested by entomologists at major universities, and the results show they have little to no effect on insects and other pests. They don’t make the problem worse, but they don’t offer much of a benefit either, so we don’t recommend using them. "