Air Flow Pros Frequently Asked Questions

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Air Flow Pros installs and services all types of HVAC systems.
Q: How do I know if I need to replace or repair my HVAC system?
A: "We’ll do a full assessment of your current and projected needs to determine if alterations can be made to your existing equipment. If not, we’ll make recommendations for installing new equipment."
Q: How much will it cost to repair or replace my HVAC system?
A: "Before we can provide you with a free estimate, we’ll assess your issues and determine what you’d like to accomplish. Most projects require you to consider several options based on your needs and budget, as well as the long-term effectiveness of your system."
Q: How soon can you start the job?
A: "Our lead time is usually one week or less."
Q: Does an increase in utility bills indicate a problem with my air conditioning equipment?
A: "High efficiency equipment can help most systems operate at lower costs, but it often depends on how you operate the system. Unfortunately, a lot of people purchase higher efficiency units and then operate them differently from their old systems, thus reducing their expected savings."
Q: Is it important to perform regular maintenance on my HVAC system?
A: "Yes. Regular maintenance will prevent small problems from becoming big problems, reduce utility bills and repairs, provide a more comfortable environment and ensure you’re getting the optimal performance out of your system. Instead of on-demand maintenance calls, we offer annual maintenance agreements to reduce costs for our customers."