Advantage Moving & Storage Frequently Asked Questions

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Brian Kavanaugh is president of Advantage Moving & Storage.
Q: How will you estimate the cost of my move?
A: "We’ll schedule an onsite appointment so we can look at what we’re moving, take a complete inventory and give you a ‘not to exceed’ price bid so you have everything in writing. "
Q: How will you protect my belongings during the move?
A: "Our movers are trained to use industry-best moving practices, so they know how to prevent damage from occurring during a move. For example, they make sure every piece of furniture is properly blanket-wrapped, shrink-wrapped or disassembled so it’s protected while it’s in transit. "
Q: What if something gets damaged during the move?
A: "You can choose from a variety of insurance options, including basic liability insurance that offers coverage at $.60 per pound and additional coverage for full-value replacement. Our claims department is very customer-oriented, so if any of your belongings accidentally get damaged during the move, we’ll take care of everything according to your needs and the insurance coverage you chose at the beginning of the project. "
Q: Are your movers full-time employees?
A: "Yes. Our employees are trained moving experts who know how to protect your belongings and ensure the success of your move. "
Q: Can you guarantee pick-up and delivery dates?
A: "Yes. For local moves, as long as the date you request is available, we guarantee we’ll be there to take care of everything. For long-distance moves, we can guarantee a pick-up date, but deliveries require more logistics, so we usually give a time window that’s dependent on the size of the load. "
Q: When do I pay?
A: "Payment is always due at the end of the move, regardless of whether it’s a local or long-distance job. Instead of requesting a deposit, we’ll have you sign an Order for Service document to reserve your move date. "
Q: Will you inventory my items to make sure everything arrives at the destination?
A: "For long-distance moves, we list every item on an inventory document and place a corresponding numbered sticker on the item. We’ll use that document to check off everything as it’s delivered. For local moves, everything that’s loaded onto the truck is secured and delivered immediately to the destination. You can do a walkthrough of your home or office to make sure all the items are removed, and upon our arrival at the new destination, you can verify everything was delivered and unloaded as expected. "
Q: What can I do to ensure a smooth move?
A: "The main thing is to be prepared and fully packed before the movers arrive. Since local moves are based on time, this can save you a lot of money. Any furniture should be cleared off so the items are ready to protect and load. You should also make sure pets and young children have adequate care so they aren’t in the way during the move. Communication is also important—if you have questions about your estimate or certain aspects of the job, make sure you talk to the movers before work begins so everyone is on the same page. "
Q: What if it rains on moving day?
A: "Moves don’t stop if it’s raining—we simply make sure everything is protected and carry on with the work. If it’s raining so heavily that it creates an unsafe situation, we’ll wait until conditions improve and then resume. Rain won’t stop us from performing our job as long as it’s safe for our movers, our customers and the items we’re moving. "