Accessible Home Lift Co. Frequently Asked Questions

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Ted Schmidt is owner of Accessible Home Lift Co.
Q: Is my house suitable for a stair lift? Where will it go?
A: "Several manufacturers offer a range of versatile products specifically designed to fit conveniently on most staircases. We’ll ensure the right fit by assessing your stairway before work begins."
Q: If I don’t need to use the stair lift, will I still be able to use the stairs as usual?
A: "Yes. Several product options allow the staircase to be used by others when not in use by those who need it."
Q: How long will a chairlift installation take?
A: "It varies depending on the type and customization required, but installation generally takes a few hours plus time for instructions and testing."
Q: How will the installation of a chairlift affect my home’s décor?
A: "Many manufacturers offer a variety of colors and styles that fit well with most existing interior designs."
Q: Do you offer free consultations and estimates?
A: "Yes."