Abbey Carpet & Floor Frequently Asked Questions

(650) 720-5959
101 N. Amphlett Boulevard
San Mateo, CA 94401
Nancy Stanton, Owner
Q: Can you help me decide what type of flooring is best for my situation?
A: "Absolutely. We’ll assess your needs, discuss the pros and cons of different products, and provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision."
Q: Once I decide on a flooring product, how long will it take to have it installed?
A: "Usually, if you pick a product that we have in stock, we can install it the next day. If we have to special order a product, it typically takes five to seven days, although the wait time often depends on the location of the manufacturer."
Q: Do you employ your own installers or do you use subcontractors?
A: "All our installers are directly employed by us. Most have been with us for six years or more, and they’re all certified and highly trained to provide first-rate installations."
Q: Do you offer free estimates?
A: "Certainly. We’re not a big box store, which means we can provide much more than the status quo in terms of service. We’ll even give you flooring samples to take home and try before purchasing."
Q: Do your installers remove old carpet or move furniture?
A: "Taking away old carpet is a regular part of our service, but as for moving furniture, it depends on how much is in the room. We’ll move furniture as a courtesy to our customers, but we’re not professionally qualified to do it on a large scale."