JD Building Frequently Asked Questions

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Jason Dalk is owner of JD Building.
Q: How long will my project take to complete?
A: "That depends on the project. We can give you an estimate based on the plans and designs, but the timeframe can change because construction doesn’t always go as planned and we sometimes need a little flexibility to deal with unforeseen circumstances. "
Q: Will you stop working on my project for any reason or will you keep working until it’s finished?
A: "We try to avoid stopping for long stretches of time, but sometimes it’s inevitable because of weather or problems with material shipments. We plan our jobs ahead of time and pre-order materials, so it’s rare that we have to stop. However, if you want us to stop and start again because it’ll work better for your schedule, we can accommodate. "
Q: Do you offer outdoor construction services?
A: "Yes. We can build outdoor kitchens, gazebos, hot tub enclosures with skylights and electrical hookups, and many other hardscapes. "
Q: Can you help me choose appliances and interior design items?
A: "Absolutely. We can even drive you to appliance stores and help you choose products that will work best in your home. We can also help with lighting and other items in the home. We aren’t interior decorators, but we do have experience with what looks best in homes. "
Q: Will you keep my jobsite clean?
A: "Yes, we believe in leaving every jobsite as clean as it was before we arrived. We’ll pick up debris and put plastic barriers around construction areas to contain any dust, chemicals or paint. We also remove garbage as quickly as possible, and we won’t leave dumpsters on the property for more than a few days. "
Q: Why do I need a permit for my building project?
A: "You need a permit for almost every type of project that’s more than simply cosmetic, such as paint or new trim. Every permitted job is double-checked to ensure it meets code and is safe. There’s really only one reason to avoid getting a permit, and that’s to save money. Unfortunately, if you don’t get a building permit, you’ll end up paying for it in the long run because your home won’t be safe or up to code. "