Why It Makes Sense to Eat Asparagus NOW

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Eating fruits and vegetables when they’re in season makes sense. Not only do you get the best prices, variety, quality, and flavor, according to Craig Kozy, owner of DeMartini Orchard, a Diamond Certified company, you also support local producers when you shop this way. This reduces transportation costs and the environmental impact.

If you’re eating seasonally, right now, that means you’re buying fresh asparagus. Mr. Kozy says that asparagus is a root crop from the lily family. This time of year, the best product is coming from Stockton and Salinas, his personal favorite for flavor. (White asparagus, by the way, is not grown locally. It’s from Peru.) The thinner asparagus stalks have a stronger flavor and can be stringy because they come from older rootstock. Thicker asparagus is sweeter and not stringy. Look for tight, closed buds on the tips to make sure you’re getting a fresh bunch of asparagus.