Window Washing Wisdom

More Savvy Tips

Have you ever heard of the two-towel window cleaning method? Professionals like Deven Dallman, owner of Squeegee Brothers, a Diamond Certified company, say you always need two lint-free hand towels while washing windows. One is for wiping off the wet squeegee after every stroke, and the other is for drying the perimeter of the window. The experts never use paper towels or newspapers to dry wet windows.

The preferred method for cleaning your own windows inside and out is to use a squeegee, a mop head for the cleaning solution and of course, two towels. On any glass, move the squeegee either up and down, or side to side. Make sure you overlap each stroke by a little and dry off the squeegee in between strokes. If you see a streak, wait until it dries before wiping it again. If it's wet when you wipe it, you will end up with a big smear.