When to Call a Handyman

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Sometimes a job is just too small for a licensed contractor. For example, do you just need someone to repair a gate, fix some doors, change a faucet or a toilet? Maybe you only need some caulking in the bathroom, or a picture hung. Perhaps your gutters need cleaning, but you don't want to get up on the roof yourself anymore. That's the time to call a handyman. Daniel Hernandez, owner of Handy Dan, a Diamond Certified company, suggests using a handyman when plans aren't needed and the job is small.

Also, unless they have an active contractors license in good standing, a handyman can't do more than $500 worth of work in a day. A reputable handyman should have a local business license, insurance and a bond. Even though the job is small, make sure you get a written estimate with pricing either by the hour or by the project.