What to Expect With Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

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So you like the layout of your kitchen, for the most part, and you don't want to spend your entire remodeling budget on just one room. Then consider refacing your kitchen, according to Carmen Gage of KitchenWorks, a Diamond Certified company. "Cabinet refacing is not cabinet refurbishing, staining, or refinishing. You'll see a dramatic change in your kitchen when the old cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed, the cabinet surfaces are renewed, and your custom crafted doors, drawer fronts, and new hardware are installed."

In a mini-remodel, a designer can help you make your selections and find materials compatible with the style of your home. You can add new countertops, an island or pantry, new appliances, or even have additional cabinets built for extra storage space you need. What's unique about cabinet refacing is that the job is done quickly, usually in one to two weeks, depending on what amenities you add to your new kitchen. The other good news is that updating your kitchen this way will cost you about half as much as a complete kitchen remodel and will increase the value of your home.