What’s Under Your House?

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You might be surprised to find leaking pipes, fungus, dry rot, damp soil, construction debris and even old tree stumps! John Kunkel, owner of Termite Police, a Diamond Certified company, says it’s a good idea to inspect the sub-area of your home every three years, because all of these things can attract termites. Once you have termites feeding under your house, they will continue grazing and can cause serious structural damage if they’re not entirely eliminated.

You might not see any sign of termites above ground and assume all is well underneath the house. One red flag upstairs might be a “softness” in the flooring (unless it’s tile – then you won’t feel it at all). Below ground, look for termite droppings shaped like little poppy seeds. They can be tan or reddish brown. If you clean them up and they keep coming back, it’s time to call in the professionals.