Tree Trimming Tips from a Diamond Certified Expert

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My neighbor in Sonoma has some beautiful trees, but a few of the limbs and branches are blocking my view. I started wondering whether I was within my rights to trim some of those branches, given that they’re dangling over the fence and onto my property. Who better to ask than Darren Edwards, owner of Advance Tree Service, Inc., a Diamond Certified company? According to Mr. Edwards, “You can trim a tree without your neighbor’s permission if it’s growing onto your property. You’re allowed to trim back to the property line as long as it doesn’t damage the tree’s health or integrity.” That being said, it’s still a good idea to discuss any limb trimming with your neighbor first, just to keep up good relations.

As a side note, we also had a neighbor’s tree limbs growing onto our power lines. One call to PG&E and they came right out to remove the limbs that presented a potential safety hazard.