Time to Replace Your Old Mattress?

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Do you even remember exactly when you bought your last mattress? Many people have no idea that they're sleeping on a worn-out mattress until they go on vacation and wake up well-rested from a good night's sleep on a good quality supportive mattress. Al Koran, owner of Sleep City Mattress Centers, a Diamond Certified company, says hotels replace mattresses every 4 to 5 years, and it's not uncommon for guests to tear off the sheets, look at the label, and buy that identical brand once they get back home.

On average, most of us wait close to 16 years to buy a new mattress, while the Sleep Council recommends replacement every 8 to 10 years. If your back is hurting in the morning or you're just not sleeping well, look for signs of mattress wear and tear. Worn-out mattresses are spongy, stained, uneven and unsupportive.