The Right Way to Maintain Redwood

More Savvy Tips

You can give your redwood decks and fences a longer life and a better appearance by using penetrating oil sealers. This is especially true for
areas getting a lot of sun exposure. It is almost impossible to preserve redwood’s “just-installed” look. Even with regular maintenance, redwood will eventually turn gray.

The benefits of redwood sealers go beyond appearance and any product you choose should contain water repellants, fungicides and UV inhibitors. Mr. Slendebroek says water repellants slow down the seasoning process, fungicides work against decay, and ultraviolet inhibitors block damaging rays that break down wood fibers. Clean the surface by hand, before applying a sealer, with a mild detergent and a non-metallic brush. Power washing is never recommended because it removes softer wood tissue. The California Redwood Association recommends the following redwood sealers: Penofin, Preservawood, TWP, Cabot and Olympic.