The Latest Window Treatment Trend

More Savvy Tips

You can take almost any window treatment today and add a new dimension – motorize it. Jack Alter, owner of The Yardstick, a Diamond Certified company, tells me that many customers want motors and remote controls for window coverings for the convenience and wow factor. Remotes come in both infrared and radio frequency. Motors can be ordered either hard wired for electricity or battery driven. The batteries can last up to a year.

Mr. Alter has installed motorized systems for everything from roman shades, draperies, silhouettes and for blinds of all types.  Motorization is perfect for hard to reach windows and skylights and for draperies.  Remotes are also helpful for older people who might have a hard time pulling cords.
And for anyone who travels a lot, your curtains, blinds, or shades can be set on timers. They can be programmed to open and close regularly so it looks as though you’re home, even when you’re not!