The Downside of Doing Your Own Plumbing

More Savvy Tips

If you have the know-how, you can save a lot of money by ordering parts and materials on the Internet and acting as the general contractor on your own plumbing projects. However, you may not save money in the long run unless you are well versed in city and county building codes, requirements and labor laws. You might also have problems with defective materials that have to be shipped back and then re-installed.

Laura Lee Pokovich, President of Gotelli Plumbing Company, a Diamond Certified company, says parts and materials bought from a licensed and insured contractor may be initially more expensive, but you do get a warranty. If defective parts are purchased somewhere else but installed by a licensed plumber, only the workmanship is guaranteed, not the parts. You will have to pay the plumber's hourly rate to take out the defective part and re-install the replacement, which may eat up the savings you had counted on.