The 411 on Replacing Windows

More Savvy Tips

I asked John Gorman, owner of Save Energy Company, a Diamond Certified company, for some good tips on windows. First, he noted that many people replace their windows to improve energy efficiency and reduce mold and mildew, but the biggest surprise is how much quieter their homes are with brand new ones. Second, Mr. Gorman warns that many older homes don’t have tempered or safety glass in the windows. All new patio doors must have safety glass in them to prevent serious injury, as should any windows within 24 inches of a door, 18 inches of the floor, or 60 inches of a shower or tub drain.

The third tip is for people who don’t want to replace old wood windows with vinyl windows because they can’t be painted. A good option is fiberglass windows—they have the endurance of vinyl and the flexibility of wood, and you can paint the fiberglass or even stain the clear Douglas fir interior to your liking.