Technical Design Tips for a More Functional Kitchen

More Savvy Tips

Have you been living with a kitchen that’s not only outdated, but is also missing basic design dimensions that would make it easier to use? Jim Kabel, owner of Case Handyman and Remodeling, a Diamond Certified company, has suggestions for you if you’re starting to plan a remodel.

First, look at the clear space for entry doors and appliance doors, and eliminate any interference. Locate the nearest edge of the dishwasher within 36" of the nearest clean-up/prep sink. There should also be 21" of standing space between the edge of the open dishwasher and the countertop or cabinet across from it. Plan for a “landing” area, usually about 12” to 15” on each side of the range to prepare or remove items from the cooking surface. And your microwave oven should be 3" below the principal user's shoulders, but not more than 54" above the floor.