Sewer Line Repairs Without Trenches!

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The worst part about replacing deteriorating or broken sewer lines is knowing your driveway and landscaping will be torn up and need to be replaced. This can add thousands to your repair bill. Dale Maples, owner of MAPLEService, Inc., a Diamond Certified company, says the good news for homeowners is that improved boring technology now makes it possible to do trenchless repairs.

The technician first runs a cable from the clean-out area at the house to the end of the line at the hook-up to the main sewer. Then, using a hydraulic pump called the Trick Trenchless, a new sewer line is pulled right through the old one, destroying the old sewer line in the process. Mr. Maples says customers are amazed at how quickly the job is done – usually in one day – and the best part is your driveway and beautiful garden are left intact.