Selling Your House? Get an Inspection

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Sellers usually do not know the condition of their home. According to Bob and Berta Bower with Alain Pinel Realtors in Saratoga, a Diamond Certified company, “Getting inspections allows you to learn of any issues and complete any items found in need of repair, prior to listing, resulting in a quicker sale.” Also, they tell clients that homes presented initially in good repair simplify the negotiation process and sell at a higher price.

Doing repairs prior to listing allows the seller more flexibility in choosing who does the work and what materials are used. For example, a tile shower can be replaced with a fiberglass shower stall in some neighborhoods saving thousands of dollars or a shake roof can be tuned up instead of replaced. Buyers will pay more for a house that has been repaired. Most families are dual income and have neither the time, nor expertise to do repairs themselves.