Seismic Threats to Your Foundation

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The big threats to our homes during an earthquake come from two different forces.  Rick Wilson, owner of RC Wilson Construction, Inc a Diamond Certified company, explains that structures in earthquake zones are vulnerable to both shaking, and uplift.  The former can wreak havoc on the integrity of a structure’s framing, while uplift can cause an entire building to be jolted off the foundation.

You can minimize damage to your property by adding sheer walls, which counteracts the shaking.  Adding bolts, hold-downs, and other mechanical connections placed throughout the building can reduce the possibility of uplift. Above all, RC Wilson emphasizes that a solid foundation is key to any structure’s stability. Structural work of this type can be a tax write-off, all in one year if they’re considered repairs. Otherwise, if categorized as home improvements, you have to write them off over a longer period of time.