Say "Good-Bye" to Water Spots on Shower Doors

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Are you wondering how to get rid of water spots on your glass shower enclosures? Thomas J. Nolan, CEO/President of California Shower Door Corporation, a Diamond Certified company, knows how to remove minor stains caused by soap, shampoo and scum. First, apply undiluted red wine vinegar directly to the glass. If that doesn’t work, spray on a 50/50 combination of denatured alcohol and water. Your last choice is to wipe lacquer thinner on with a towel.

It’s better to prevent spotting and staining in the first place by using a squeegee to wipe down the glass surface after every shower. Mr. Nolan also suggests asking your supplier to treat your new shower enclosure with a surface protectorant. This coating will cause water to bead up on glass like it does on a waterproof jacket. If the coating wears off over time, you can apply a reactivator yourself, eliminating spotting once and for all.