New Life for Old Jeans

More Savvy Tips

One of the hottest “green” building materials on the market today is insulation fabricated from denim scraps leftover from the jeans manufacturing process. Made by Bonded Logic and sold under the brand name UltraTouch, the denim insulation contains over 85% recycled denim and cotton fibers. The material, which is also fire retardant, doesn’t contain any toxins or irritants. And unlike other types of insulation, it doesn’t itch or require any protective clothing during installation. Use of UltraTouch may even qualify you for an energy conservation tax credit.
Though old, well-worn jeans aren’t used for the bulk of the denim insulation being produced, Green Jeans Insulation, an UltraTouch distributor in Wisconsin, does accept donated jeans, which they send through the recycling and manufacturing process. What comes out is typically donated for use by nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity. Visit for the mailing address and details.