Moving Major Appliances and Electronic Equiptment

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Maybe the last time you moved, everything fit into your VW van. Now, it's a different story, especially when you not have only furniture, but also household appliances like microwave ovens, refrigerators and big screen TVs. Moving expert Cal Farnsworth, President of Diamond Certified's Earl Farnsworth Express, agent for Mayflower Transit, Inc., says your large appliances need to be emptied, and then banded and wrapped tightly in moving blankets. Any moving parts such as washer drums and icemakers must be securely fastened before shipping.

Gas appliances need special attention and it is highly recommended that you have a plumber or electrician disconnect stoves and dryers before the move. Do not pack items inside these large appliances because they could damage wiring, motors or drums. For big screen televisions and plasma TVs, you need to use a special moving box that can be rented or purchased, unless you still have the original packaging.