Make Those Hardwood Floors Last a Lifetime

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He's inspected more than 1500 floors and has found that after re-finishing, some hardwood floors look horrible just 2 years later, while others look great after 20 years. Guy Lee, owner of LPC Enterprises, a Diamond Certified company, explains what makes the difference. People who properly maintain their floors fend off the two major enemies of hardwood - water and dirt.

To give your floors a long life and to retain their beauty, the easiest thing to do is to keep dirt out by adding mats at the entry points, both inside and out. Polyurethane coated floors should be cleaned regularly with a damp mop or with a hardwood floor cleaner, such as Murphy's. Recoat every several years as needed to prevent wear through the existing coating. When refinishing is required, a competent hardwood floor refinisher can do a far better job than the average do-it-yourselfer.