Make Hardwood Floor Refinishing Jobs Easier on You

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If you’re putting off getting your hardwood floors re-finished because you’re dreading moving furniture and living with all the dust, here’s some good news. Companies like Norcal Flooring, a Diamond Certified company, make it easier by moving all the large items for you and using a dust containment system.

Operations Manager Cynthia Soito says it works best to move furniture into other rooms or the garage, and if that’s not possible, bring in a portable storage pod. So you won’t have to live with fine dust everywhere for months after the job,  many companies now use  containment systems with HEPA filters that eliminate 98-99% of the particles. Make sure the employees put up plastic to block off areas being re-finished. Expect the job to take at least 3 to 4 days to complete and up to a week for larger homes.