Let the Sun Shine In, But Here’s How to Control It

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Worried about too much sunshine fading your hardwood floors, rugs and upholstery this time of year? Some rooms become almost unusable because they’re too bright and too hot. Fortunately, Terrance Leake, owner of V2K Window Décor and More, has solutions for controlling the sun using window coverings.

One option is solar shades, also known as roller shades.  This type of shade allows the light to come in, but blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, and keeps most of the heat out as well. If you prefer to match your décor, consider Roman shades. This more traditional look allows you to add a lining to the fabric shade to darken the room, keeping it cooler. Honeycomb shades are a third option, and work well if you want a modern and clean look. The big advantage with these shades is that they’re less expensive and can be ordered and installed quickly, often within a week.