Keying in on Lock Bumping

More Savvy Tips

Criminals now are breaking into homes and buildings by unlocking doors through a method called lock bumping or key bumping. According to Joe Schoepp, owner of Crown Lock and Safe, a Diamond Certified company, about 90% of all locks can be opened by hand-filing a blank key, inserting it into the lock and then knocking it (or bumping it) with the head of a screwdriver or piece of wood. The tapping eventually unlocks the lock.

Mr. Schoepp suggests a number of ways to safeguard your property. First, you can buy "bump-proof" locks such as those made by Medeco. These high security locks also prevent unauthorized key duplication. Another suggestion is to add a non-keyed lock to the inside of your doors for when you are home. Finally, if you only use a door for exiting, you can fill the keyhole with glue. Use clear silicone glue, so the lock is not permanently disabled.