Keep Your Stone Countertops from Losing Luster

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Customers often call Paul Beaton, owner of Cleaner One, A Division of Beaton Flooring, a Diamond Certified company, to complain that their marble countertops have lost their luster. They tell him they see watermarks on their countertops and floors, but they’re actually not watermarks—Mr. Beaton explains that when marble areas lose their shine, it’s called “etching.” Etching occurs when an acidic product (usually a beverage, cleaning product or food item) comes into contact with a calcium-based stone, like marble.

The solution is to keep surfaces dry and use neutral cleaning products. Mr. Beaton recommends StoneTech, which creates a line of products that won’t cause etching or damage your stone surfaces. If you do use acidic cleaning products, don’t set the containers down on stone surfaces—put them on a tray so they don’t drip and splatter while you move from room to room.