Keep Firewood (and Termites) Away from the House

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If you're up in the mountains and bring home firewood, you might make this mistake. David J. Roe, owner of Leading Edge Pest Management, a Diamond Certified company, says many homeowners don't realize that the wood could be infested with termites. If it's placed up against the house, in the garage or fireplace, and you forget about it, you might end up providing food and shelter to several termite colonies.

Subterranean termites thrive in dark, damp places. They can migrate from the moist firewood leaning up against your house through tubes made from mud. Before you know it, termites will be feasting on your exterior siding and house framing and over time, they will cause extensive and expensive damage. The best thing is to keep all firewood, and especially wood brought back from the mountains, several feet away from the house. If you suspect you already have termites, consult a professional pest control operator.