Is Your Hot Water Too Hot?

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When you wash your dishes with hot water, do you scorch your hands? If you do, your water heater setting may be set too high. According to Young Park, owner of Professional Plumbing Service, a Diamond Certified company, you should generally use the energy saving setting on your hot water heater, but make adjustments depending on the weather. In the summer, reduce the temperature by a notch or two, and in the winter, turn the setting a little higher. Keep the setting on vacation mode anytime you’re out of town for 4 days or more.

When hot water heaters are set too high for long periods of time, they will wear out more quickly than normal. You can get a clue that a water heater is getting ready to fail by looking for burns marks around the thermostat. Also any sign of rust on the top and bottom of the heater is a clue you might be replacing that old water heater very soon!