Investing In Brand Name Kitchen Appliances

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What’s the pay-off when you spend a little more on a name brand kitchen appliance? Chris Parisis, owner of CG Appliance Express, a Diamond Certified company, contends that comparing manufacturers’ warranties, customer service, product quality and impact on the resale value of your home will help you understand the big differences among the many brands.

Mr. Parisis points out, for example, top of the line refrigerators offer 15-year warranties on compressors, the most common part that fails. A standard model has only a one-year warranty. The same is true for garbage disposers. A name brand warranty can be 10 times longer than the base model’s warranty. Customer service calls are answered more quickly and technicians have more specialized training for high-end appliances. And finally, sellers get about 10% more for their houses, which sell more quickly when kitchens are equipped with brand name appliances buyers recognize.