How to Test Your Alarm System

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Alarm systems fail for a number of reasons, according to Ron Kent, General Manager of Binkley Alarm, a Diamond Certified company. They might have low batteries or damaged sensors. Sometimes in a remodel, wiring or sensors may be damaged. And occasionally, systems just wear out.

To test your alarm, begin by telling neighbors and your monitoring facility that you’re running a test. Make sure you know how to reset all your system’s devices. Now turn on the alarm and pretend to be leaving the house by opening and closing the entry door. Wait for the alarm to turn on and then walk in front of the motion sensors, and then trip all the sensors in the house. Once this is done, turn the alarm off and contact your monitoring facility to verify the signals. Follow manufacturers’ instructions for testing of smoke, heat, carbon monoxide and other sensors. Be aware that only trained professionals can test commercial fire alarm systems.