How to Get an Accurate Home Inspection

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Some contractors’ home inspections are more thorough than others, according to Jack Diego, President of Diego Bros. Inc., a Diamond Certified company and certified green builder. To insure you get an unbiased opinion he recommends hiring your own home inspector, not just depending on a referral from a real estate agent.

Some contractors fail to inspect the crawlspace to determine evidence of moisture, potential mold and ventilation issues. Differential settlement causing uneven floors is another oversight. Lay a marble on the floor and it tells the tale very accurately. Check exterior drainage by running water up against the house on a hard surface to see where the water goes. An attic inspection will reveal whether insulation is adequate, heat ducts are leaking and note evidence of rodents. Lots of reports leave out the roof. Mr. Diego recommends that an inspection includes the estimated lifespan of the roof surface and the condition of flashings, vents, roof jacks, and drainage issues.