How to Clean Up the Air Inside Your Home

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When it comes to improving air quality inside your home, you have a number of options these days, according to Steve Moore, owner of Moore Mechanical, Inc., a Diamond Certified company. Duct cleaning has become popular, but if you’re not addressing the leaks in your ductwork, you may be wasting your money. And with utilities offering rebates for the repairs, it just makes sense.

Mr. Moore says if a homeowner is serious about a clean “forced air system,” they should hire a qualified HVAC contractor who knows their entire system, and should always have the ductwork tested to insure its integrity and efficiency, before proceeding with any cleaning. You may pay a little more but the results are well worth it, and who doesn’t want to save a little energy? Additionally, new technologies have produced some effective air purification products that can be added to any forced air system.